PONS PT Motorized Pan Head

Since ZEAPON launched the Micro series rail slider, numerous fans have been eagerly calling for the supporting motorized pan head.
Despite a little tardiness, the PONS motorized pan head series has been carefully honed and still lives up to expectations.
The PONS motorized pan head adheres to the consistent product style of ZEAPON and has excellent quality in both software and hardware.
It can not only select the waypoint and rotational speed with its native buttons, but also design more rich and accurate shooting orbits
by using the intelligent mobile APP - ZEAPON Lab to complete the desired waypoint surround shooting,
timelapse photography. Benefiting from the powerful motor load that has always been the specialty of ZEAPON,
and the barycenter calculation of a large number of mainstream cameras, the PONS motorized pan head can not only operate flexibly,
but also realize the functions of Inception on both pan and tilt head.
ZEAPON does not sell the PONS series products bundled with its rail slider, which fully takes into account the needs of users with different budgets. Moreover,
two motorized pan heads can be combined to a motorized tilt head by aid of the tilt arm kit, making upgrading or maintenance more economical and simple.
As people attach increasing importance to the lens language and image quality today,
the combination of a lightweight rail slider and a set of powerful motorized pan head is the most potent weapon for shooting a good video.

  • Intelligently Selected Orbit
    Waypoint Surrounding

  • 50 kg Horizontal Load

  • Reviving the Inception
    We are Better

  • Flexible Upgrading
    with Different Budgets

  • Intelligently Selected Orbit, Waypoint Surrounding

    For the horizontal surrounding shooting or the multi-point orbit changing shooting, you just need to select each orbit point
    and adjust the camera to the target direction in the mobile intelligent APP - Zeapon Lab. After startup,
    Zeapon Lab can automatically calculate the spatial running posture to complete a variety of complex waypoint surrounding shooting.

    50 kg Horizontal Load

    The high-power silent step motor used by the PONS motorized pan head allows
    the horizontal load up to 50 kg, while achieving the ultra silence of 39 dB,
    which helps users spend less time processing the audio noise reduction.
    In both the heading operation and the pitching operation, PONS can operate steadily.

    Reviving the Inception, We are Better

    To create a good Inception lens with any cameras and the strong arms. After the start button is pressed, the camera can shoot by itself,
    and the picture must not be swayed up and down, left and right. The stabilizer can't meet these requirements,
    but the PONS pan head can. After you double click the operation buttons of the rail slider and the pan head, the camera can shoot automatically.
    You can also adjust the speed at any time. All these features let you save more time and effort, and obtain better shooting.

    Reviving the Inception, We are Better

    Flexible Upgrading for Users with Different Budgets

    The growth of a photographer is also a process of self-improvement and overcoming difficulties, which can never be done in one step.
    With a modular product philosophy, ZEAPON does not sell pan heads bundled with its rail slider.
    Besides, two motorized pan heads can be combined into a PONS PT Head through the tilt arm kit.
    The device combination is flexible, and the maintenance and upgrading are available for users with different budgets.

    360 Degree Panoramic Shooting

    To unlock the 360 degree panoramic shooting, you just need to input the sensor size and focal length of the camera in the mobile APP - Zeapon Lab,
    and then the software can automatically calculate the number of shots taken in the horizontal direction.
    After you click the start button, the camera can start taking 360 degree panoramic photos.

    Matrix Panoramic Shooting

    The matrix panoramic shooting requires the two axes of the biaxial motorized pan head to work simultaneously.
    After you input the sensor size and focal length of the camera in the mobile APP - Zeapon Lab,
    the software can automatically calculate the number of shots taken in the horizontal and vertical directions,
    which is simple and efficient, and can help the photographer quickly complete a wide range of panoramic shooting.

    Fully Hidden 1/4 & 3/8 Screw Cap

    Zeapon's original fully hidden port is compatible with 1/4 & 3/8 standard screw caps. Moreover,
    when you don't need to use the screw, or when you want to put the device into the camera bag at the end of the work,
    you just need to press the screw cap and rotate it slightly, then the screw cap can be fully fixed in the pan head to avoid scratching other devices and camera bags.
    Besides, when the screw cap is fully hidden, you can turn the pan head upside down, and now use it as an electric turntable.

    Adjustable Positions that are Compatible with Large Aperture Lens

    The tilt arm kit comes with a position adjustment design that can quickly adjust the center of gravity of the camera
    and is compatible with most mainstream cameras. It also has its own heightening structure that applies to most large aperture lenses,
    and thus there is no need to install additional heightening pads.

    Physical Buttons that can Fix the Point and Adjust the Speed

    The pan head has its own physical buttons, which can be used to adjust the rotational speed of the pan head without connecting the APP,
    and realize the fixed point of the orbit, circulation and other operations, making you finish the setting faster.

    Fast Switching Between Pan and Tilt Head

    Thanks to the fast locking mount on the arm, you can quickly and firmly separate and combine the two motorized pan heads without rotating the pan head,
    thus meeting the need for efficient switching between different shooting scenes.

    Multiple Accessories Supported Later to Extend Your Multi-Purpose Use

    We have reserved the space of multiple expansions in the structure of the PONS Pan Head,
    which can support a wide range of intelligent motorized accessories to be launched by ZEAPON, such as rotary table, dolly, and rocker arm.


    PONS Motorized Pan Head

    PONS PT Motorized Pan Head

    Model PS-E1 PD-E1
    Packing List PONS Motorized Pan Head×1,
    Warranty Card, User Manual
    PONS Motorized Pan Head×2, PONS Tilt Arm Kit×1,
    Hexagon Wrench×1, PONS Manual, PONS PT Manual,
    PONS Tilt Arm Kit Installation Guide, Warranty Card
    Net Weight 850 g 2140 g
    Dimensions 94mm × 85mm × 70mm ~
    Materials Aerial Aluminum Alloy + PC
    Connection Wireless Connection
    Input 5V2A
    Maximum Payload
    ( All Well Balanced )
    Vertical Payload 4KG
    Horizontal Payload 50KG
    Rotation Speed Fastest Speed 13 degrees/sec (27.7 seconds/circle)
    Medium Speed 9 degrees/sec (40 seconds/circle)
    Slowest Speed 4 degrees/sec (90 seconds/circle)
    Compatible Battery F550 : Life Time 3h
    F750 : Life Time 6h
    F970 : Life Time 12h
    product manual
    PONS PT Motorized Pan Head 2021.10.29 download Online reading
    PONS PT Motorized Pan Head 2021.10.29
    download Online reading