Micro 2

Micro Rail Slider More Professional

  • Fluid Damping Technology

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

  • Self-locking Key

  • Automatic Dust Scraper

  • Super Weight Capacity
  • Multi-dimensional Shooting

    Filming in Multiple Angles
    Micro 2 with a pan-tilt head to achieve 360-degree shooting

    Single length,Double Distance

    54 cm
    Total Running Length

    Expanded LengthMain Rail Length:33cmExpanded Length

    Larger visible area

    The camera moves with the slide rails at the same time, the slide rails do not enter the camera lens
    Greater visible area

    Micro2 double slide

    Conventional single slide

    36 Bearings for better movement

    Polymer pulleys ensure a greater weight capacity

    Industrial Belt Damping Pulley

    Using high-strength fiber-reinforced rubber belts to drive the fluid damping pulleys Smooth, quiet, shock absorption and more durable, fluid, and silent.

    Self-locking Key

    Press the button quickly every time the shooting is completed, then you can quickly move to the next shoot location.

    Fluid DampingTechnology

    Our latest independently developed fluid damping technology provides great even sliding, making it feel as delicate to use as flowing water, with no more worries about the speed control. Moreover,it also eliminates the troubles caused by the so-called "adjustable damper”, so that you can use it immediately and conveniently without adjustments.

    Automatic Dust Scraper

    A brand-new feature to allow for smoother sliding by effectively scraping away all kinds of dust and grime without adding extra friction.

    Solid Structure,Better Weight

    Using a stronger structure to achieve the weight capacity of a professional camera RED

  • 1.1KG
  • 5KG
    Safety capacity
  • 8KG
    Maximum capacity

  • Mini SLR Camera

  • SLR Camera

  • bmcc

  • ARRI mini

  • RED
  • Double Set,No-shaking Stability

    In addition to the quick-mount plate for the universal 1/4” to 3/8” screw holes, three unique screws are designed to screw into the slot on the quick-mount plate to double up the rail slider and the quick-mount plate. The result is the avoidance of shaking during use and the double set screws are compatible with all quick-mount plates on the market.

    Connecting the Two Pan-tile Heads

    After connecting the two heads, move the heads up and down to find your angle
    Allows for creative Multi-angle Shots

    Installation Steps:

  • Set the quick-mount plate at the bottom
    of the rail slider
  • Set the rail slider onto the pan-tile head
  • Set the pan-tile head onto the rail slider
  • Set the camera onto the pan-tile head
  • Filming from more dimensions

    Achieve a 360-degree shot

    Single Head Mode

    Fix the pod through the 3/8 screw hole at the bottom of the rail slider, and then adjust the pan-tilt head on the rail slider.
    Allows for creative shots from multiple angles

    Installation Steps:

  • Set the rail slider onto the pod
  • Connect the camera to the quick-mount plate
  • Set the pan-tile head onto the rail slider
  • Set the camera onto the pan-tile head
  • Efficiently Meets your Needs

    Perfect with the EASY LOCK Low Profile Mount

    Achieve low-angle shooting while maintaining double sliding distance
    Suitable for multiple locations and saves photographers' time

    More Creative at a Lower Angle

    To present a more unique view, stronger visual impact, and distinctive layout,
    Solving the difficulty of shooting at low angles,
    It also makes it easy to switch back and forth between tripods.

    Installation Steps:

  • Position the low Profile Mount under the rail slider
  • Set the pan-tile head onto the rail slider
  • Connect the camera to the rail slider
  • One connection for all uses

  • Filming on a Desk
  • Filming on a Pod
  • Filming on a Floor
  • Filming on a Desk
  • Filming on a Pod
  • Filming on a Floor
  • Micro 2 and EASY LOCK

    Perfect match of a double sliding distance and shooting at low angles,
    creating extraordinary images,
    Your best companion for efficient creation

    product manual
    Micro 2 manual 2021.06.15 download Online reading
    Micro 2 manual 2021.06.15
    download Online reading