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Micro2 600/800 Series

  • Micro 2 E800
    Motorized Slider

  • Micro 2 M800

  • Micro 2 E600
    Motorized Slider

  • Micro 2 M600

  • Product Specification

    Model Product Length Total Travel Distance Wheel Distance Safety Payload
    Micro 2 E800
    Motorized Slider
    61cm 94cm 50cm Horizontal Payload:8kg
    Weight Capacity in Other Inclined Angles:3.5kg
    Micro 2 M800
    53cm 94cm 50cm Horizontal Payload:8kg
    Weight Capacity in Other Inclined Angles:3.5kg
    Micro 2 E600
    Motorized Slider
    51cm 74cm 40cm Horizontal Payload:8kg
    Weight Capacity in Other Inclined Angles:4kg
    Micro 2 M600
    43cm 74cm 40cm Horizontal Payload:8kg
    Weight Capacity in Other Inclined Angles:4kg

    Steady Support in Motion

    Three support arms that come in the box can form a four-point structure with the tripod. Even with a running distance of 1M, you only need one tripod for more stability in motion, no tilting or turning.

    Versatile Accessories to Satisfy for ALL

    With the foldable landing wheels, it’s not only a slider, but also a mini Dolly!

  • One-Tap Timelapse Preview

    Having a preview of a timelapse video is super easy with Micro 2 600/800 Series and Zeapon Lab app. You can record a clip or view through camera screen directly after setting the motion path in the App. Making timelapse has never been so easy and smart!

    Ultra Silent Step Motor – 39 decibels

    Micro 2 600/800 is powered by high-torque step motor with minimum noise of 39 decibels only. With it, you can focus entirely on shooting & editing and enjoy the peaceful moment of creation.

    Double Distance, Dual Control

    Micro 2 600/800 inherits the double-distance design while significantly shortens the slider length for greater portability and effectively avoids the slider getting in the way of your footage. You can not only use the direction buttons to manually position the slider, but can also use ZEAPON LAB app to intelligently set the waypoints and motion track for smooth cinematic footage.

    Carrying Capacity 8 KG

    Wheel Distance 50CM

    Adjust support legs to a parallel angle, with landing wheels, the slider can achieve linear movements at all direction.

    Adjust support legs to any angle, with landing wheels, the slider can move arcuately

    Intelligent Chip

    Independent R&D PCB boards, together with imported electronic components and intelligent chips, giving you faster and stabler operation experience.

    Precision Structure and Super Payload

    Rock solid with super carrying capacity to allow more setup

    Customizable Path & Waypoint Create Your Desire Motion

    You can set customizable path & waypoints via the APP, or use the Direction Buttons to position manually, create desired motions has never been easier.

  • Multi-point path and multi-section speed control panel

  • Timelapse Calculator

    intelligently makes the calculation on various timelapse parameters including the timelapse duration, the number of photos and the video length based on user's preset motion path and speed,helping you to get the most precise motion at fingertips.

    Automatic calculation:

    Adjustable Speeds with Intuitive Control

    ZEAPON takes care of users of all levels by designing a highly-integrated control panel on its slider motor with three intuitive indicators and control keys. You can see battery life clearly at a glimpse and switch between different speeds in a split second.

    Direction Buttons

    Power Button
    Speed Indicator

    App-based Video/Photo Shutter Control

    Combined with wireless synchronizer (releasing in August, 2020), ou can remotely control video/photo recording via the dedicated App.

    APP one-click launch
    Remote control camera
    Take a picture

    Preset Parameters for Easy Timelapse

    ZEAPON App presets multiple parameters for making different timelapses like sunset, sunrise, street, starlapse and etc. Gone are the days when you need time-consuming process to make timelapse videos. With the slider and ZEAPON App, every one can be a timelapse photographer.

    NightLapse, Cloud, NightLapse, Sunset, Waterflow Miniature, Plants, CityLapse (For reference only)

    Two-Way Camera & Slider Control

    Connected with the wireless synchronizer and the App, the slider will perform precise motion following the camera’s waypoint settings. *For cameras with timelapse settings like Sony a series

    With the wireless synchronizer, the slider can also lead the camera to set waypoints and take timelapse photos accordingly.

  • Customizable Parameter Settings

    Various camera parameters are adjustable like exposure time and duration.

    Customize the parameter according to different scenarios

    Prolonged Rail Band

    The rail band is designed with tension screws on its ends. Users can loosen or tighten the screw to adapt the slider to different shooting environments to best prolong the lifetime of the product.

    8 layers of crisscrossing Carbon Fiber

    Use high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber fiber materials imported from Japan with a carbon content of more than 95%, resulting in extremely light, incredibly strong, and exceedingly tough

    Multiple Interfaces for Various Extensions

    Compatible with most camera shutter release cables, allow PD Type-c charging and firmware upgrade

  • · Support PD Type-c charging and firmware upgrade
  • · Support 2.5mm camera cable release
  • Adjustable Telescopic support Legs

    Height and angle (up to 120°) of the support feet both can be adjusted to adapt to all terrains.

  • Crane Shots

    Connect with dual fluid heads, adjust to a desired angle, the configuration can be used as a Crane, allowing more options on camera angles.

    Power-off Protection Mechanism

    The motorized slider is designed with a power-off protection mechanism which prevents your devices from damaging in case of power outage. In any emergency, the slider will automatically lock up your camera and make sure it’s secured nice and tight.

    Standard Battery, Universal for Fill Light

    Fill-light Universal Batteries

  • F550
    Idling Battery Life under Video Mode (reference):
    F550 4 hours
    F750 7 hours
    F970 14 hours

    Timelapse Battery Life is subject to parameter settings under different scenarios * Batteries are sold separately

  • Efficient Offline Operation

    Once set in the App, the slider can work automatically following the motion path even with the App off, saving a lot of time and energy during operation

  • Specs

  • Idling Battery Life under Video Mode (reference):
    F550 4 hours
    F750 7 hours
    F970 14 hours
    Timelapse Battery Life is subject to parameter settings under different scenarios

    Working Decibel:

    Storage Temperature:

    Working Temperature:

  • Main Materials:
    carbon fiber
    Aerial Aluminum Alloy
    ABS Composite
    304 stainless steel

    Power Supply:
    Operation Capacity: 7V~8.4V 1.5A
    Input Voltage: 9V-12V

    Compatible Battery:
    F550/F750 / F970

  • APP Compatible Systems:

    Wireless Connection